Lisa Lester

Profile: She has a voice than can touch your heart and tease a smile. Lisa Lester’s country song I Have Arrived hits all the high notes. Honest lyrics and stirring vocals blend with catchy melodies on all five songs, expertly crafted in Nashville by music producer Mark Oliverius. Those heartfelt vocals are born from a life less than kind. Early in her career, tracks laid down at a Vancouver recording studio were lost with a missing demo. Then the family business she helped run was lost in a fire. What kept her going? The birth of her son Presley and her dad’s final words: “Sing, baby, sing.” Overcoming adversity has given depth to her singing, evident both in her debut CD, Take Me Away and her new opus out of Nashville—where her grandmother was headed before being left widowed with eight children. Tracks on I Have Arrived boast musicians who have worked with country greats such as Willie Nelson, Shania Twain and Kenny Chesney. Oliverius obviously feels Lisa is ready to make her mark. Country fans will be delighted by her fresh new sound. Lisa Lester has arrived!

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