About Lisa

She has a voice that can touch your heart and tease a smile—all at the same time. Lisa Lester has always known how to hit the high notes, even when life tried to bring her down.

And now her star is rising with the aptly-named I Have Arrived, a country-rock offering she recorded in Nashville with producer Mark Oliverius. It is the culmination of a lifelong family dream. Years ago, Lisa’s grandmother, Victoria Nault, was invited to the country music mecca just before she was left widowed with eight children. Instead of making it in Nashville, she sang to her granddaughter, imparting a precious legacy in the process.

In the fall of 2010, Lisa arrived at Sonic Eden Studio in Nashville to produce her latest CD. That sense of overcoming the odds certainly resonates in the title track “I have arrived”, but the next song, “359 degrees”, brings out Lisa’s playful side, backed up by a driving beat. Meanwhile, the swooping vocals of “How Long Have I Been Sleeping” show off both her range and smooth styling. The selection is capped by “One World”, a song she wrote with Mark Oliverius and, the finale, “When It’s Love”, a deeply touching celebration of love.

Those heartfelt vocals are borne from a life that has not always been kind to Lisa Lester. At one time, her career seemed almost finished even before it started. Tracks she laid down at a recording studio in Vancouver ten years ago were lost when the demo went missing. She then returned to her hometown of Winnipeg to help run the family business, only to have it burn to the ground a few years later. Lisa realized she had two choices: resurrect the business or her dream. Her dad’s last words won the day. “I want you to sing,” he said.

That faith in his daughter’s gift resulted in Lisa’s debut CD, Take Me Away, released in April 2009. Her son Presley “The King” has also been a source of inspiration. He gets his own private set long before anyone in the studio hears the latest creations from the talented singer-song writer.

Lisa’s first recording consisted mostly of covers, engineered by Kevin Zaruk, the man who masterminded Nickelback’s famous sound. This time, she sings in her own words, with Mark Oliverius at the controls. The five-track disc also features the talents of Nashville’s premiere session musicians who have played with the likes of Willie Nelson, Shania Twain, Terri Clark and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few.

Above the polished blending of background vocals, fiddle and steel guitar, Lisa’s expressive voice soars, bringing together all the pain, struggle and determination that has created a sound that rings honest and true. The little girl whose heart once raced at the click of a record needle is now dancing to her own tune. Lisa Lester has risen from the ashes. She has arrived.

2 Responses to “About Lisa”
  1. myles viklund says:

    Hi Lisa, The Grand open event is over and I had time to listen to a bit on youtube. You are super cool, with a voice that is outstanding! For whatever reason, Patti Russo came to mind. Dunno if this makes sense, just what I saw and heard with 2 thumbs up!

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